Louis Liebenberg

Bio: Louis Liebenberg is Co-Founder and Executive Director of CyberTracker and The Tracker Institute. He is an Associate of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University and a Laureate of the 1998 Rolex Awards for Enterprise. Website: http://www.cybertracker.org Author of "The Origin of Science: On the Evolutionary Roots of Science and its Implications for Self-Education and Citizen Science" (2013), "The Art of Tracking: The Origin of Science" (1990) and "A Field Guide to the Animal Tracks of Southern Africa" (1990). Papers published include: “The Relevance of Persistence Hunting to Human Evolution,” 2008, Journal of Human Evolution. 55: 1156-1159; and “Persistence Hunting by Modern Hunter-Gatherers,” 2006, Current Anthropology. 47:5.

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