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The Proton Radius Problem

ImageA fascinating article in Scientific American, February 2014, by Jan Bernauer and Randolf Pohl describes two experiments that have come up with two wildly different values for the proton’s radius. One would have thought that the proton’s radius should by now be known with a high degree of confidence. But the difference suggests that physicists do not understand something important about either the proton itself or the theory of quantum electrodynamics – until now the best-tested and best-understood theory in all of science. This newly discovered anomaly could lead to a fundamental revision of the laws of physics.

The potential for fundamental new discoveries in physics is wide open – maybe we need to keep an open mind to the below-the-radar fringe developments like Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) that promise to produce unlimited, clean energy – See  Betting on Black Swans: The Potential Implications of New Energy Solutions for Climate Change and Biodiversity